What is Dive Center Start Up


Every dive center owner should ask him- or herself some very serious questions, like:

  • are my guests happy with my services?
  • are my courses up to date and more important: profitable?
  • what are my strength and weaknesses compared to my fellow dive center owners (or competition is as you like)?

When you got caught up in the daily operations, you mostly do not have the time to answer these questions, although I know they are there in the back of your head. 

Example: you are considering a new website or implementing IT in your shop. During the brainstorm session, mostly all by yourself, the compressor breaks down. It makes perfect sense you need to fix that first. In this case your plans for optimizing or modernizing are back on your desk. Not only that, they are at the bottom of your stack of other paperwork.

Know that feeling? I know for sure I do and for a fact many of my colleagues do.

So what if I told you that I can help? 

After many years of running my own shops and as a board member of our large dive company in 2008, I have decided to come up with a program to assist my fellow dive center owners.

Am I an accountant, who is optimizing based on your static numbers?

NO, I am not. Numbers are important don’t get me wrong, but I work hands on, with you as a fellow dive center owner. I know what you are dealing with.

I see that there is so much ground to gain. My services are focussed on optimizing your dive center. 

Focus points:

  • Your website and online presence
  • Your trips
  • Your dive courses
  • Your staff and staff training
  • PADI IDC services
  • Implementing IT and Customer Relation Management
  • Guest satisfaction and creating repetitive guests
  • Exploring new markets to create more business
  • Creating your personal Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Expanding your Tour Operator network and profitability

This is just a short list of the services we offer. We do not work based on “off the shelf” excel sheet management, but using our gained experience and developing a personalized path to follow.