PADI IDC Services



DSC_4494We can help you to become a PADI 5* IDC dive center and it will also be possible for you to offer the PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course, which runs at the same time as the IDC does. Berdi, EFR Instructor Trainer and Course Director, will come to your center and helps you to get your center up and running and will do all the IDC courses for you. 



Minimum of 4 candidates!
In order to make the program profitable for partners a minimum of 4 candidates is
required. Have less than 4 candidates and still wish to run the program? Other financial
compensations apply and are to be discussed. Contact me in order to make it work.!
PADI Instructor Examination prerequisites:
Scheduled IE by PADI as stated in the PADI 2014 IE Calendar, require a minimum of 4 IE
candidates. Candidates must be registered at PADi 1 week before actual IE date.
Non-scheduled PADI IE’s, requested at PADi’s require a minimum of 6 candidates.
Partner Dive Center Prerequisites:
The required PADI level for the Partner Dive Center is 5* Instructor Development Center
or 5* Instructor Development Dive Resort. Mandatory Course Director signature for level
application can be provided when not having the required level voor conducting IDC
IDC necessities:
For conducting the IDC program, use of the following is to be provided by Partner Dive
• Use of classroom
• Use of pool
• Use of Open Water Dive site
• Use of air tanks for students and Course Director
• Use of mandatory equipment as listed in the side bar

What You Learn:
Gain experience in how to structure learning, the requirements of performance based training and your role as the instructor in the learning environment for teaching CPR and first aid.

What You Can Teach:
Learn how to conduct the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (first aid) courses.
The EFR courses are not only dive related and can be conducted for example at companies, shops, hotels and restaurants. Especially combined with the EAD module this course is useful and wanted

Q: How do I become a PADI Instructor?

Becoming a certified PADI Instructor is a two step process.  The first step is completing the IDC, which in itself is also a two step process.  The first half of the IDC is the Assistant Instructor portion with the last half of the IDC the Open Water Scuba Instructor portion.  Both portions of the program are collectively the IDC.

The IDC is an intensive program familiarizing you with the PADI programs and standards.  It introduces you to the skills you will need to effectively teach the classroom, confined water and open water portions of the most popular certification levels.

For those individuals interested in earning college credit for their IDC experience, the course has been approved by the American Council of Education (ACE) for two undergraduate credit hours in the field of education.

After the IDC has been completed, the final step in becoming a PADI instructor is completing the Instructor Examination (IE).  This two day process will assess your knowledge of PADI programs, dive theory, standards and procedures, dive skills and confined water as well as open water presentations.

Q: What prerequisites and documentation do I need to enroll in the IDC?

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or higher. (Must be a PADI certification; no other   Divemaster ratings qualify).
  • Be a certified diver for at least six months with at least 60 logged dives. (You must be certified for at least six months with at least 100 logged dives to attend the IE conducted by PADI)
  • Training and certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) within the past 24 months.
  • Have a completed PADI medical statement signed by a physician.
  • Copies of documentation of all certifications.
  • Two passport sized photos
  • Balance of your IDC tuition

Q: What if I don’t have all the prerequisite certifications?

In addition to training instructors, DiveVersity also conducts a full range of PADI courses.  We can assist you in obtaining any training you may need for the IDC.  Candidates must have completed the Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Divemaster course before enrolling into a PADI IDC (Advanced Open Water and Rescue may be “equivalent” from another certifying agency, Divemaster may not).

Q: What equipment and materials will I need for the class?

You must have the material listed in the required and Recommended Material section of this packet in order to participate in the IDC. Contact us if you need information on how to purchase these materials.  An IDC Crew Pack is available which offers you more value than buying each item individually.

Q: What exactly will I do during the IDC?

The IDC schedule is intense, but reasonable.  Expect to be involved in about 60 hours of training over eight days.  During this time you will attend academic presentations by our teaching staff.  These lectures give you insight into the PADI Educational System, the diving industry, marketing, legal issues, teaching psychology and a host of other topics all designed to make you a successful diving educator.

As our teaching staff presents many topics, each instructor candidate will give classroom, confined water and open water presentations as well.  Your presentations are part of your preparation for the IE and will be scheduled throughout the program.  Don’t worry, we will not ask you to give any presentation before you are ready.

Because you are not expected to have any teaching experience, the program is designed to start at the very beginning with our staff explaining each step of the process in developing your presentations.

Your diving skills will be honed to demonstrative quality with techniques demonstrated emphasizing student and class control without being over bearing.  We know you can do the diving skills, now you are going to show others in expert style!

Q: What must I do to “pass” the IDC?

Our PADI IDC program has been designed to be conducted in a stress free environment.  This is impossible of course if you continually worry about the consequences of your scores.  Therefore, the only requirement to complete the IDC successfully is to attend the various staff presentations and conduct your presentations.  Please note we said “conduct”, not pass.

The scores you receive on your teaching presentations, while important in providing feedback to you, does not in any way count toward your certification as an instructor.  We will be coaching you and providing feedback in the classroom, confined and open water.  You will be very well prepared by the time you attend the IE.

Q: What exactly will be expected of me during the IE?

Without getting into to much detail, you will be asked to give presentations for the classroom, confined and open water portions of various PADI programs.  Diving theory and PADI Standards and Procedures (GS&P) knowledge will also be assessed.  You will not be tested on anything that was not addressed in the IDC, you are simply asked to show the examiner what you have learned and practiced!  (See page 3 of the PADI IDC Candidate Workbook for more details of the IE.)

Q: How difficult is the IE?

Although this is an understandable and expected question, it is highly subjective.  Although there are very different opinions on the difficulty of any IE, one thing all candidates agree upon is the level of stress and apprehension is in direct relation to how prepared the candidate is.  The better prepared, the easier the exam will be – no rocket science here.

Although failure at the IE can result from deficiencies in any area of assessment, the overwhelming majority of failures result in theory exams.  DiveVersity offers two optional – and free- diving theory development sessions prior to the IDC.  We are committed to your success, should you feel you need to take advantage of these sessions, please contact us to schedule your sessions.

Q: Who conducts the IE?

The IE is a PADI Headquarters program.  It has no affiliation with DiveVersity or any other Instructor Development Center.  You can expect a PADI Headquarters staff member to evaluate all teaching presentations and oversee all other aspects of the program.

The PADI instructor examiner staff is comprised of some of the most experienced and respected diving educators in the world.  They are especially well trained in recognizing and diffusing the stress and anxiety often brought to the IE by candidates.  We believe your IE will not only be educational, but enjoyable as well.  There is always a sense of camaraderie among candidates at an IE.

Q: Isn’t the IDC really nothing more than a “cram session” to pass the IE?

There are IDC programs like that, but not at DiveVersity.  We fully appreciate the fact that your life as a diving professional really begins after the IE is over.  We recognize that our reputation is based on the quality of product that comes out of our courses, hence our interest in you!  Frankly, anyone can learn to parrot answers so they can pass a test, the real question is whether you can do the job that will be asked of you once you get into the real teaching world.