How we work


We are dive professionals with a wealth experience in operating dive centers. We work creative and hands on. Seriously, we know what you are going through. Our advise? Invest and safe time, so you can either take a day off or even get to go diving yourself.

Running your daily operations is our core business. Your question would be: But I have my regional manager for this! Well yes, you do. However, your RM can assist to certain extend. They have boundaries as they work for one organization and have more than one account. On the contrary work with you and your business. our goal is to upgrade and optimize YOUR business and not work for the general cause. We do work closely together with your training organization but your specific case is our main concern.

The start is easy,:

  • we ask you quick questions
  • or you fill out our questionnaire
  • Following is a Skype intake
  • Looking at your specific needs we create your action plan
  • execute the plan