CRM & POS, does that ring a bell?


How are you on POS and CRM?

Does not ring a bell? Well, in the current time you have the power to have control over your bookings and cash register while on the road. There are several systems that can control your dive center in an easy way.

You want to make your life easier, that is what why you kept on reading.

Dive Center Management Systems are here to actually take control and make life easier. Keep track of your daily operations while o the road (or having you highly deserved day off and still nosing around in your business) I have some recommendations in systems and am familiar with them feel free to ask for advise.
This is a normal way of running your business. Please consider quitting your little receipts books and print serious invoices or receipts (or go green and e-mail tickets and receipts).

Now what is CRM?
This stands for Customer Relation Management. I prefer to use GSM, what stands for Guest Relation Management, as we i strongly believe we have guests rather that customers.  
In these systems you can keep track of your guests needs, wants and whereabouts. These tools can help you to generate more sales in courses, trips or equipment sales.
Also, when you have stuff to share, create newsletters, send specials and keep your guest engaged in your ongoing activities. On top, keep track on rentals, trips and courses. Keep track of staff planning, commission rates and so on and so on.
Implementing can be time intense and maybe even frustrating, but is this going to pay off in the end.
If you are serious about your business and wish to make your move to the next level and stand above the crowd, this is a must!!!!