Party Time, Click and post! Or maybe not…


Party time!

Last year, my wife and I booked a vacation. Due to a medical emergency we were not able to fly at the scheduled date. Not to worry, as we also signed up for a cancellation insurance. 
We scheduled to leave a week later and so booked a new flight to continue our plans to leave for a well deserved holiday.
Now we posted our vacation on social networks, like everybody does and within 24 hours we were contacted by the insurance company that they had seen, we do went on Holiday and wanted us to deny the coverage on the trip we cancelled.
How does that apply to you as a dive professional?
If you follow the social media you will be amazed by the amount of beer drinking (or other alcoholic beverages) and party pictures on Facebook posted by colleagues world wide. 
Sure, being in the bar is your best sales moment, so good reason for you to be there. Secondly, you are living the good life, so enjoy it. I sure as hell did, and I am not more catholic than the pope.
The consideration:
No matter if you had (too) much fun or just having a great evening on a single beer (this can never be verified in your favor), you are being checked out! 
If, god forbids, but if anything happens to your student(s) or your divers and you run into a liability matter, you are going to be checked from front to back and visa versa.
First things first: drink responsibly and post cleverly.
Secondly don’t expose yourself in the “party mood” too often. This might give your students and potentially new divers a wrong impression and maybe is going to backfire on you on a bad day. 
No matter how you fit you were that black day, If worse comes to worse, your party pictures can and will be used against you. Either by your opponents (victims) or even worse maybe even your own insurance.
You get what I am going at?Don”t jeopardize your personal liability due to excessive bar visits or partying or uncensored posts.
If you are not a heavy party animal, protect yourself against the impression that you are.
If you are a party animal: start behaving yourself, otherwise you might be in the wrong place being a dive professional!IMG_4770
Social media is great to inform, post and use for marketing purposes, but also keeps track of your full whereabouts!
Dive safely and have fun, I know I did 😉
“the best part of getting older is; knowing you done it all and develop the authority to tell others to behave”