About Berdi



My name is Berdi Boeve, born and in The Netherlands in 1972.

As a kid I always have been watching the Jaques Yves Cousteau documentaries every Saturday morning, like many kids. I always felt connected to the water, however I was not a good swimmer as a toddler.

After my education, I treated myself to finally become a diver.  From the first minute I entered the water with my instructor, I figured: I can do this and probably even better than you (Sorry Wim…). As felt, I did and became a PADI dive instructor. From there I started my journey across the world and started teaching. This I love so much, I kept on doing what I did and was pretty darn good at it. For me it came natural. I just loved being in the water and even more loved teaching!

After a long period of traveling, I got the opportunity to start my own dive center and a new journey began. Following the years I (co-)developed a business model, which was new in the industry. We created a chain of dive centers, a company called DiveVersity.

Being a dive entrepreneur gave me the chance to look at all the insides of what the industry has to offer. I gained experience in teaching, developing business, implementing IT and make diving a life style.

Over the years I taught course in many places, had meetings with board members of large corporations, developed a dive company with over 50 instructors staff in 4 continents and never managed to steer a boat properly….. Finally I have realized my dream and became a Course Director for PADI in 2014.

Now, as I have taken a distance from diving for a period of time, I wish to share my knowledge and experience to dive professionals. The idea was born and I founded DiveCenterStartUp.com, the Dive professional Guidance. Feel free to read through our website and look at the service we offer and if you feel I can do more for you, just ask. I feel we can answer to the dive professional, both owner, employer and employee!

I look forward signing your logbook!

Berdi Boeve

PADI Course Director & EFR Instructor Trainer #921331

Founder & CEO of Dive Center Start Up

p.s. for my full professional resume follow this link.